We all have self talk, it is that voice inside our head that we use to hold discussions with ourselves.  These discussions are important, especially when it comes to what you are saying about yourself.  WHY?  Basically, what we say about ourselves, to ourselves, we will accept as truth. 

Now, this is great when we are saying something helpful.  However, and as can be often the case, this self talk can be less than helpful. 

Self doubt is fed by these negative conversations that you hold with yourself.  When feeling less than confident we can also say things like "I told you so" or "it will never work".  The good news is you can change how important and impactive that negative self talk can be.

How to change the importance of negative self talk.

Can you remember a time when you wanted to try something new or do something different and your self talk was less than supportive?  That little voice inside says something like "it won't work", "you can't do that", "they won't like you" or something equally as unhelpful.

OK great. 

Step One

While thinking about that time, can you hear or feel where it comes from?  Is it your own voice or someone else's?

Step Two

Lets change it up a little to take the importance from what it is saying.  Would the voice still be as important if you made it so quiet and far away that you could barely hear it?

Now, how about if that voice sounded like Mickey Mouse or like someone who had just inhaled helium?

Perhaps you could even add some comical music to the background of that voice.  I totally recommend the circus music as it always brings a smile to my face.


Step Three

Practice, Practice, Practice.

When you think about times that you have talked negatively about yourself inside your mind,  MAKE THE CHANGES as in Step Two.  That negativity will have way less importance and probably even seem silly!  How great is that.

The great thing about this technique is that you can also use it on live self talk.  Rather than changing memories, if you notice you are talking to yourself in a negative way make the same changes and BOOM.  You are going to be taking less notice of that silly voice, saying silly stuff.

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