The "I am" challenge


Are you ready to start each day feeling good about yourself? Yes? Great!

To take part in the I AM challenge all you need is a pen and paper.

Each morning when you wake up I want you to think about two things that you totally love about yourself. This can be as simple as your smile or your taste in clothing. It can be anything about you that you like, anything at all. When you have these two things. Write them down. Then throughout the rest of the day look for chances to promote those things you like about yourself.

The next day. Think of two new things, again look for the times when you actually or could use those things to your own or another’s benefit.

Do this for five days in a row.

At the end you will have a fab confidence boosting, go to, list of things you like about yourself and a host of memories where you have shined bright like the true star 🌟 you are.

When you find out how well this works to make you feel good. Be caring and start sharing. Share this post and share the confidence.