Have you ever had one of those days where people seem to be grumpy around you? Do you ever feel that you have upset someone and yet you don't know what it is you have done? If so, here is a truth that you need to know. YOU CAN STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP, RIGHT NOW.

I want to say, here and now that, many of the times that you feel or experience the above, it is NOT YOU.

I know that you look at people like Derren Brown or Paul McKenna and say, "well, they can make you think things" This is not true. They do not make anyone think anything. The people that they work with think what they want to think. The person on stage or listening to a CD on how to make your life a success is in charge of their own mind and are only doing and thinking what they want to think. Human beings have no magic buttons to press that make you feel one thing or another. It is all choice. This may be hard to accept as there are many times in life where you feel you have no choice and I am not saying that there are no times in life that you should choose to feel sad or grumpy, because there are.

What I am saying is that choose when you want to expend that sadness wisely. The reality is that this is an illusion, there is always choice. As such, when the people around you are grumpy or annoyed, this is their choice.

The other thing to consider is that whilst you may think the individual you work with, your best friend or partner is upset at you, they may well not be. You do not know what they are dealing with outside of your knowledge and this could be what is causing them to express themselves in the way they are. It was nothing to do with you after all.

So, right here and right now, I want you to stop finding reason to blame yourself about how someone else chooses to react and feel.