Do you find that you are always the victim of circumstance or bad luck? Do you find that things seem to always go the wrong way? If so, you might not be response(able).

You may be looking at that last sentence and thinking to yourself, that doesn't make sense. I admit that in terms of English language and grammar it may not make sense, but in terms of creating a successful mindset it makes perfect sense.

In life, things go wrong, and naturally we look to find someone to blame. Usually we look to someone or something else to point the finger at. When we find that other person or thing we place all the responsibility for what happened at their doorstep. In the short term you might feel better, after all, it wasn't your fault. However in the long run this is the worst thing you can do and here is why.

What happens when you place the blame on someone or something else is that you give away all power and control to that other person or thing. If we give away all of the power we are giving away all of our ability to make things right, now, and the next time something goes wrong.

For example, if I say "he is to blame", then I have to wait until he changes his behavior. If something is to blame, then it may be a very long time before things get better as objects don't change that often.

What to do instead.

The best thing that you can do is to become response(able) or able to respond. What is in your favour is that you are not an animal or beast. You have the ability to choose how you react to anything around you.

Sometimes people do things that can affect us in a bad way, however we can choose how to respond. We could respond by becoming upset and blaming someone or something outside ourselves, or we could accept what has happened, make the most of the situation.

To make the most of the situation it , take the learning you can and move on. If you need to change your behaviour then do it. Continuing with the same behaviour will continue to give you the same results. After all, the world will not change around you!

When it rains, put up your umbrella and smile. It is still a great day!


Confidence to change.