Forgiveness and Trust Builds Confidence.

One of the things that I did to improve my own confidence, was to learn to forgive and trust myself. 

Forgive Yourself

I would often find it all too easy to beat myself up mentally and emotionally.  If I did something wrong, I would make sure that I really felt the pain or sadness for my mistakes.  This did not help me, in fact it was causing me to make more mistakes. 

It was a cycle.  When I made a mistake or did something wrong, I would get cross at myself and say things like, "stupid idiot or how could I be so pathetic?"  This would then feed my lack of confidence and make me question myself even more.  The more I questioned myself, the less clarity there was in my actions and decisions.  This then led to making more mistakes or bad decisions, and so the cycle continued.

The first thing to do is to break the cycle, by forgiving yourself.  No one is perfect, no one gets everything right.  When you accept that you are as perfect as anyone else, it is time to forgive yourself.  The best way to forgive yourself, is to look at what has happened, learn anything you need to and then move on.  By learning those lessons, you are able to use what you have learned, to make better decisions or take better action in future.  This leads on to the second step in this article.  Trust yourself.

Trust Yourself

Once you have broken the cycle of blaming yourself, taken the learnings from the past and applied them to the now, you will see just how much of a contribution you make to the lives of people around you.  Whether at work, socially or at home.  Take a look at how much you bring to the party.  How good does that feel?

Sometimes it is very easy to look around and see that everyone else is doing thing differently to you.  That is OK!  There is always more than one way to do something.  Sometimes the way others are doing things are not as good as the way you are doing them. 

Do not feel pressure to fit in.  You do not have to do what everyone else is doing, and you do not need anyone's permission to do things differently. 

Confidence for the now

What you do each day is important! Whatever you do takes time, and your time is important. With the learnings of the past and the new found trust in yourself, you are able to spend that time wisely for a happy and successful life.

Do not wait for someone's permission to live your life.  Learn what needs to be learned and trust yourself to move forward.